Advice to parents of college grads

Parents, are you aware of the facts?


  • There are 10 Million students in U.S. colleges
  • The average annual cost of tuition at a private college is about $45,000
  • Tuition increases 3-4% faster than inflation
  • 45% of all students don't finish college in 4 years
  • And 35% of all students don't finish college in 6 years
  • With all the drop outs and delays, the US fell from 2nd to 11th in the world for college completion
  • The College Board reported to the President that more college grads are required just to sustain the US economy.
  • And yet, in the last 2 years only 44% of grads get jobs that require a degree - stunting their lifetime income potential
  • No wonder 2 out of 3 workers in the United States don't like their jobs
  • And, 60% of those that did graduate in the last five years say they will need more formal education to be successful.

Do you agree that something is terribly wrong with this picture? College, still a wonderful learning experience, is a depressingly inefficient and expensive way to launch a career. It's no longer enough to get them into college. We need to help our kids get the most out of college - and our enormous investment in their future.

It's been proven: Undergrad and graduate students with clear career objectives get better grades, are more likely to complete a degree, and make career connections while still in school. The best career selection can be predicted from the intersection of aptitudes, interests and personal values. If your student knows about his career sweet spot (what he's doing, and why), and how it fits in the economy, he has the ultimate career advantage.

uSooth's career selection process is geared to young adults, 17 to 30 years of age. But their successful selection of a career is ultimately going to benefit you. Let them think it's all for them … and thank you for the confidence that comes with career clarity and focus.

No one is positioned to take on this issue for you. Not colleges, high school guidance counselors, tuition loan officers or the government. Don't wait to have a college grad camping in your basement. About 5% of one year's tuition can help your student find success and satisfaction.