What We Do

We’re the go-to gurus of Career Science. Welcome to our lab.

The Situation

So we’ve been investigating... And the kids are not alright. Of 10 million college grads each year, over half don’t know what they want to do when they take off the tassel. There are over 466 million websites trying to give them “career advice.” But only one has Career Science and the promise of a future that fits.

The Career Science

First of all, uSooth pioneered it. Our method is the integration of numerous interest assessments, inventories, interviews and expert analysis by seasoned Career Selection Engineers. We recognized a void in the field of career match services and filled it with the most accurate, scientific approach to determining a person’s career path that you can find anywhere. When you're setting the course of a lifetime why settle for approximations?

The Sweet Spot

Just because you’re good at math doesn’t mean you’d be a happy engineer. Likewise, loving jazz doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be good at the saxophone. What uSooth provides is a comprehensive analysis of your interests, abilities and values, and the careers in which they meet. In other words, your Career Sweet Spot.